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Abharr Nasj

The construction of Abhar Nasj Facility, one of the latest projects carried out by Nikoo Group for production of core yarn made out of Cotton, Synthetic fiber, or a mixture of Cotton and Synthetic fiber, began In 2004, and commercial production of the plant commenced in the Q4, 2005 with annual capacity of 5,650 MT.


Plant area is 6,000 s.q.m.




* Core yarn



Abhar Nasj factory

Abhar Nasj product, core yarn, is completely comply international standards and would be able to compete with other players in the market.




Factory Address:

9th Km Abhar-Takestan Transit road, Abhar, Iran

Tel: 0098 (242) 25284444 ext. 6

Fax: 0098 (242) 25284400



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