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Established in 1997, Abharris is one of the leader manufacturer of fibers and nonwoven (Thermobonded) in the country. The facility utilized raw materials produced by local petrochemical plants. In 2004, Nikoo Group started the construction of a Bicompounent line, advantaging latest technology, next to previous lines. Its commercial production commenced in Q1, 2006, and now the production capacity of fibers increased from 19,000 MT/Y to 25,600 MT/Y. At present, production capacity of nonwoven (thermobonded) is 7,000 MT/Y.


Plant area is 13,000 s.q.m.




* Hygienic Polypropylene Staple Fiber

* Polyester Fiber

* Nonwoven (Thermobonded)

* Bicomponent and Hollow Fiber

* Conjugated and Siliconized Fiber



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All abharris products are controlled by Ministry of Health and are fully in compliance with international standards registered by reputable organizations. Narmine, Abrineh and Nikolon are registered trade marks of Abharris products.

Abharris has honored ISO 9001:2000 Cetificate by SGS.



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Factory Address:

9th Km Abhar-Takestan Transit road, Abhar, Iran

Tel: 0098 (242) 25284444 ext. 6

Fax: 0098 (242) 25284400



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