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Fiber is a class of material that is discrete elongated pieces, similar to pieces of thread. Having been used in the manufacturing of other materials such as thread or rope, composite materials, paper and felt and many other products, fibers come from different sources:


* Natural vegetable fibers generally comprise cellulose.


* Man-made fibers including those made artificially, but from natural raw materials (Often Cellulosic).


* Synthetic fibers are a subset of man-made fibers, which are based on synthetic chemicals rather than arising from natural materials by purely physical process.



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Nikoo Group Fiber

Nikoo Group versatile high quality fibers, produced by Abharris facility, have been closely controlled by Iran Ministry of Health and exported to different markets specially Europe. Below is the list of our fibers along with our capacity per year.


Product Capacity (MT/Y) Fineness
Hygienic Polypropylene staple fiber 14,000 1.5-17 dtex
Polyester fiber 5,000 1.5-17 dtex
Bicompounent, Hollow, Conjugated and Siliconized fiber 6,600 1.5-17 dtex


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