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Nabris factory, established in 1982, produces a wide range of high quality yarns by most up-to-date short staple spinning system (Ring Spinning & Open End System) with twisting facilities. Total production capacity was 4,180 MT/Y. Nabris has been honored as the best factory in the province several consecutive years since its start up. In the beginning of 2004 the construction of a new Ring Spinning line was started and finished as soon as the plant started commercial production at the end of 2005. After the start up of this modern line total capacity increased to around 8,000 MT/Y.

Located in Alborz Industrial city near Ghazvin city, its area is 11,000 s.q.m.




* 100% Cotton yarn

* 100% Synthetic yarn

* Blended yarn

* Melange yarn

* Slub yarn

* Air covering yarn

* Compact yarn



nabris factory

Product consistency, along with other values of Nabris plant, has been made the facility preferred supplier to our customers.

The plant has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 by SGS international Certification Services AG.



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Factory Address

Farabi Ave., Alborz Industrial city, Ghazvin, Iran

Tel: 0098 (282) 2224339

Fax: 0098 (282) 2229114



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