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Nikoo Yaft

Conforming to high environmental and safety standards, Nikoo Group established Nikoo Yaft factory in 2000. The facility recycles Polypropylene wastes and Polyester wastes, either produced in the Group's facilities or bought from other companies, to manufacture recycled PP and PET chips. Nikoo Group will expand the production capacity of the facility in near future. At present the plant is able to produce about 3,000 MT PP recycled chips and 3,000 MT PET recycled chips per year.


Plant area is 1,739 s.q.m.




* Recycled Polypropylene Chips

* Recycled PET Chips



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One of the major responsibilities of every industrial company is to commit to high environmental standards, protecting our natural resources from any kind of wastes. With this outlook we established Nikoo Yaft facility.

The plant has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 by SGS International Certification services AG.



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Factory Address

9th Km Abhar-Takestan Transit road, Abhar, Iran

Tel: 0098 (242) 25284444 ext. 6

Fax: 0098 (242) 25284400



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