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Nikoo Group Projects

Since Nikoo Group established in 1982, the company has finished many projects consisting increasing the production capacity of old plants, constructing new plants, facilitating all plants with most up-to-date machineries and building a modern laboratory and research center. Two major projects which have been recently commenced commercial production, spunlace and bicomponent fiber plants, are considered as a breakthrough.


Along with these two new projects, Nikoo Group has started construction of the second phase of spunlace plant, and the feasibility study of new projects consisting new Bicompounent lines and Silicone based polymers plant. These new projects will be started in near future.

The amount of construction and investment is unbelievable and no other private company has ever carried out such a high number of projects in the country.



Spunlace Project ( Second phase)

Spunlace project has been carried out in two phases. the first phase commenced commercial production in the beginning of 2006. The second phase estimated start up is the beginning of 2007. At the moment most machineries have been bought and arrived to the site.

The first phase produces around 25 MT per day spunlace materials and as soon as the second phase come on stream the capacity will increase to 75 MT per day.



Cady Project

The constrution of this project started in May 2007, with the attendance of the Ministor of Labour and Social Affair. The plant will manufacture baby clothes. Constructing in a land with the area of 40,000 square meter the capacity of the mill will be 4,500,000 pieces of baby clothes (about 900Mt/Y) per year. It is predicted that the plant starts commercial production within one and half year.

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