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Spunlace Plant

With the beginning of 2006, Nikoo Group's spunlace project, phase one, commenced commercial production. The start up marked a turning point in the situation of the Group. The construction of the second phase has been started and it is predicted that it will come on stream in the beginning of 2007.

The first phase manufactures around 25 MT/Day nonwoven using hydroentanglement process. As soon as the second phase starts commercial production the capacity will increase to 24,500 MT/Y.

Nikoo Group versatile spunlace could be consumed by different industries, consisting:


* Surgical and Medical Packs

* Health care products & Cosmetics

* Industrial application

* Insulation

* Geotextiles



spun-lace factory

Spunlace products have been used by many industries. Nikoo Group spunlace products are controlled by Iran Ministry of Health and could by consumed by all these industries.



spun-lace product picture

Factory Address

9th Km Abhar-Takestan Transit road, Abhar, Iran

Tel: 0098 (242) 25284444 ext. 6

Fax: 0098 (242) 25284400



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