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Nikoo Nasj:

Nikoo Nasj Engineering and Trading Company, one of the main subsidiaries of the Group with a branch in Germany, provides a wide range of services for customers and clients. Enjoying expert managers, marketers and export/import engineers the company exports all Nikoo Group's products and imports textile machineries, equipments and spare parts. Main export/import activities are:



* All kinds of raw and dyed yarns

* Hygienic polypropylene fiber

* Polyester fiber

* Bicompounent fiber

* Non-woven

* Spun-lace



* Representing over ten well known European manufacturers of textile machineries, raw materials, equipments, spare parts from different european countries such as Italy, Germany, France, U. K., and Switzerland.



Nikoo Nasj picture

Shimi Gostar Nikoo:

Shimi Gostar Nikoo established by Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran and Nikoo Group in 2005, mainly to produce Silicone based polymers. Now, the company is negotiating with main companies who have the technology, and has developed a center which will increase the knowledge of domestic industries about these innovative products. Moreover, the company is studying other textile related projects.



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Textile Physics:

Established in 1991, Textile Physics Research Center equipped with most up-to-date laboratories equipments. The center not only measures the quality of products but also does many research to improve the quality of products. This modern center is certified by the Institute of Standards Industrial Research of Iran.(ISIRI)




Textile physics

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