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Nikoo Group was founded in 1982, the first plant was Golris Co... Since then the company developed benefiting expert management team and highly educated employees, and now consistimg of 7 production plants, 3 subsidiaries and a branch in Germany, Nikoo Group is the leader manufacturer and marketer of textile products in Iran. Our main products consist of various kinds of yarns, Polypropylene fiber, Bicomponent fiber, Nonwoven (Thermobonded), Spunlace and recycled polypropylene and PET chips. All these versatile products have been consumed by domestic market or exported to other markets.


Our objective in Nikoo Group is not just to be the leader but to manufacture high quality products and to provide best support and services for our customers. To achieve this we have equipped all our plants with modern machineries and employed young and vigorous employees, most of them graduated from well known universities in Iran.



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Nikoo Group at a Glance



Nikoo Nasj: With a branch in Germany, provides different kind of services to customers and clients, along with exporting the Group's products and importing textile machineries.


Shimi Gostar Nikoo: Shimi Gostar Nikoo co., established in 2005 to import silicone technology into Iran.


Textile Physics: Advantaging modern instruments conduct all required physical and chemical tests.


Factories site


Abharris: Manufactures fibers and nonwoven.

Abhar Nasj: Manufactures core yarn.

Bejar: Recycles cotton wastes and produces cotton yarn.

Golris: Manufactures different kind of yarns.

Nabris: Manufactures different kind of yarns.

Nikoo Yaft: Recycles PP and PET wastes and produce recycled chips

Spun-lace (First Phase): Manufactures spunlace products.



Spun-lace plant


Spunlace(Second Phase): Will manufactures Spunlace materials.


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