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Nonwoven textiles are those which are neither woven nor knit, for example felt. Nonwoven are typically not strong (unless reinforced by a backing), and do not stretch. They are cheap to manufacture. Nonwoven fabric is manufactured by putting small fibers together in the form of a sheet and then binding them either mechanically (as in the case of felt), with an adhesive, or by interlocking them with serrated needles such that the inter-fiber friction results in a strong fabric.


Today, nonwoven materials are manily produced from man-made fibers. Two synthetic polymers dominated the market are polypropylene and polyesters (mainly PET). There are two kind of nonwoven, staple nonwoven and spun-laid nonwoven, which produced by different processes.


Thermobonded nonwoven (staple nonwoven), are maid mainly by two step process. First fibers are cut to a few centimeter length, and put into bales. These bales are then dispersed on a conveyor belt and the fibers are spread in a uniform web by carding. In the second step nonwoven are calendaring through heated rollers, to give mechanical resistance.



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Nikoo Group Nonwoven

About 7,000MT nonwoven (Thermobonded) is produced by Abharris facility annualy. Having high and consistent quality, checked and proved by Ministry of Health, our nonwoven has been manufactured from a wide range of raw materials and could be used for production of different kinds of products:


product g.s.m. width (cm)
Nonwoven (Thermobonded) 10-45 8 - 220


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