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> Abhar Nasj

> Bejar

> Golris

> Nabris

> Nikoo Yaft

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Abharris  picture


Manufactures Hygienic polypropylene staple fiber, polyester fiber, Bicompounent and Hollow fiber, Siliconized and Conjugated fiber, along with nonwoven (Thermobonded).....See more



Abhar Nasj picture

Abhar Nasj

Manufacturing core yarn. The plant commenced commercial production at the end of 2005.....See more





Bejar picture


The facility recycles cotton wastes and manufactures cotton yarn either from the recycled wastes or from high quality cotton.....See more




Golris picture


The facility manufactures different kind of yarns in Open End & Ring Spinning system with twisting facility.....See more





Nabris picture


Like Golris factory, Nabris factory manufactures various kind of yarns in Open End and Ring Spinning system with twisting facilities.....See more





Nikoo Yaft Picture

Nikoo Yaft

The plant recycles Polypropylene wastes and PET wastes either produced by other facilities of the group or bought from other factories.....See more




Spunlace plant picture

Spunlace Mill

Spun-lace plant, phase one, commenced commercial production in the beginning of 2006. The plant produces nonwoven products in hydroentanglment process..... See more



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