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Recycling is the collection of used materials that would otherwise be waste to be broken down and remade into new products. Motivations for recycling include environmental sustainability and financial concerns sustainability because the reused material both prevents waste and reduce the consumption of new raw materials, and financial because it can be cheaper to produce different products from recycled materials. One of the main usages of this process is recycling of polymer materials and wastes, specially those made up of polypropylene and polyester.




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Nikoo Group Recycled Chips

Nikoo Group conforming to high environmental standards, established Nikoo Yaft facility to recycle all polypropylene and polyester wastes are either produced by plants of the Group or bought from other factories. Our recycled products consist:


* Polypropylene recycled chips from polypropylene wastes.

* PET recycled chips from PET wastes.

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