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The oldest technique for consolidating fibers in a web is mechanical bonding, which entangle fibers to give strength to the web. Under mechanical bonding the two most widely used methods are needle punching and spunlacing (Hydro -entanglement). Spunlacing uses high speed jets of water to strike a web so that the fibers knot about one another. As a result, nonwoven fabrics made by this method have specific properties as soft handle and drapability. Hydro-entanglement is a highly versatile process because it can be used to produce nonwoven, which has broad range of end uses.

Produce nonwoven with broad range of end-use properties results in various kinds of applications. Some of the main applications are:


* Wipe, towels, and sponges for industrial, Medical & Food services

* Consumer application

* Surgical packs and gowns

* Protective clothing as chemical barriers.



spun-lace product pic1

Nikoo Group Spunlace Product

Spunlace products have been used by many industries to make our life more comfortable. Nikoo Group spunlace products, manufactured from different high quality raw materials which are supplied by reputable manufacturers who has high standards, are suitable to be used by different industries.

Production capacity of the plant is 25 MT per day that will be increased to 75 MT per day as soon as the second phase come on stream.

Our spunlace products have following ranges:


product Material g.s.m width (cm)
Spunlace Viscose - PET 40 - 150 6 - 340
Viscose - Polypropylene
100% Viscose
100% PET
100% PET with Screen
100% Bleach Cotton
100% Polypropylene
Cotton - Polypropylene
Cotton - PET
Cotton - Viscose


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